Upstream Consultancy

Asset Value Services and Resource Management Services

Our experienced consultants offer support on life cycle investment decisions and advice on best practice guidelines and QA. In addition to consultancy projects, we offer training and support for our customers project teams in implementation and use of our software tools. Below you will find examples of projects we can offer in the respective fields of IPRISK and IPRESOUCE.

Asset Value Services

Field and well planning projects using IPRISK Field and IPRISK Well

Key types of projects within field and well planning:

  • Early feasibility screening of exploration acreage/prospects
  • Value and timing of exploration and appraisal wells
  • Single exploration project optimization and/or project portfolio analysis
  • Single or multiple assets (area plans): prospects, discoveries and producing fields
  • Alternative reservoir and depletion strategies
  • Development well number/type screening and optimization
  • Development well planning: cost and time, revenue, single wells and campaigns
  • Concept screening and optimization: onshore and offshore
  • Tie-in or independent
  • Value of IOR/EOR options
  • Value of development wells: production, injection, type of wells, campaigns
  • Alternative facility upgrades
  • New technology options
  • Alternative commercial strategies
  • Fiscal regime impact on project economy
  • Reserve and resource forecasting and management
  • Single field project optimization and/or portfolio analysis

Resource Management Services

Corporate Resource Management using IPRESOURCE database, reporting and forecasting

Key types of projects within resource management and forecasting are:

  • Business cycle reporting: monthly, quarterly, annual
  • Business unit reporting from single fields, countries, regions to corporate level
  • Reserves, Resources, CAPEX, OPEX
  • Corporate Project Monitoring: Scheduling, volumes/forecasts, investments, expenses,
  • revenues
  • Rig campaigns: timing and production, reserve and resource impact
  • Asset portfolio analysis and optimization
  • Company valuation
  • Corporate database and reporting management services following international standards