Our Services

The advisory IPRES team uses the efficient and consistent work processes within the advanced IP Suite of software tools to systematically analyze uncertainties, risks, sensitivities and options on upstream investment projects and project portfolios up to corporate level. In addition the software programming group can implement customized functionality to cater for special client requirements. The team approach provides a thorough understanding of the key technical parameters and their discrete and collective impact on project economics. We undertake and support integrated projects along the entire upstream value chain from exploration to end of field life.

Range of Services
IPRES promotes effective, consistent use of the software tools. Therefore quality assurance of all data input, processing, calculations and results as well as the project work processes have key attention in our services. IPRES has a team of experienced consultants which can contribute to:

General approach

  • Support on Projects, part of team and time to complete Project execution
  • Advice on work processes, best practice guidelines

Upstream Consultancy

  • Asset Value Services
  • Resource Management Services

Software Engineering

  • Linking to internal tools and processes for Data handling, loading and QC
  • Tailor making of new functionality