The cooperation with IPRES has been excellent, IPRES has showed flexibility, ability and eagerness to provide qualified project services and efficient technical software support.Helge Nyrønning, VP Projects and Sales Aker Solutions
One of EBN B.V.’s mandates is to closely monitor resources on the Dutch shelf and to be an active contributor to sustained production. IPRESOURCE provides us with an overview of remaining resources, historic production data, as well as production prognosis for all active oil and gas companies on the Dutch shelf. Tailor-made functionality and reports have given us the opportunity to provide far better estimates of the results from future projects that is so vital to maintain production at current level. Dr. Berend Scheffers, Director Technology EBN B.V.
IPRISK Well – A very useful tool when it comes to well planning. It is simple to use. The program incorporates all the important elements in well planning, such as risking of reserves, costs and production profiles. It also includes economic conditions.Jan Einar Våg, Senior Advisor in Statoil
Understanding the uncertainty in the basic economic criteria is paramount for a good decision, whether it’s a new green field development, additional investments in an existing field or a commercial transaction. In AGR we have used IPRISKField to evaluate and quantify the uncertainty in e.g. NPV and/or IRR in numerous projects for several of our clients, mainly smaller and mid-sized oil companies with interests on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. We have found that IPRISK Field can efficiently supply the client with the appropriate information in a format well suited to support the ultimate decisionsEivind Damsleth, Senior Advisor, AGR
Eivind Damsleth joined AGR after 20 years as a chief engineer in Norsk Hydro and Saga Petroleum. He has also held a professorship in mathematical statistics at the University of Oslo.