Aker Solutions ASA, through its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Aker Solutions”), is a leading global oil services company that provides engineering and construction services, technologies, product solutions and field-life solutions for the oil and gas industry.

“We appreciate having both Hamilton and IPRES on board as our partners for the initiative of developing world class teams in Field Evaluation. Aker Solutions has been delivering products and solutions to the global oil and gas industry for over 30 years. Aker Solutions further believe this integrated know-how would further strengthen our standing for the years to come.”
Stale Romundstad, Area Manager, Americas – Aker Solutions


Hamilton combines worldwide expertise to provide services for E&P companies.  They provide technical consulting services and best practices from their knowledgeable experienced team of subject matter experts in drilling/completions, reservoir, and real-time production optimization.

“In addition to Hamilton’s existing successful relationship with IPRES, we are pleased to partner with Aker Solutions.  Hamilton appreciates Aker Solutions’ commitment to incorporate planning for all potential risks to a successful field development for the benefit of their clients. Our E&P Technology team includes subject-matter-experts with actual operator experience in deepwater drilling, completions, reservoirs, production optimization and surveillance planning. This will not only allow the Aker team to better communicate with their clients in those technical areas, but also allow for positive suggestions from our same experts.”
Claude Thorp, VP – Hamilton Group

Benefits for our customers
By using IPRISK Field and the experienced team from Aker Solutions, Hamilton and IPRES, uncertainty at all levels can be incorporated in the field development project analysis and both planned and unplanned events can be accounted for. In the end, this allows for better and faster decisions and alternative field development plans can easily by compared.