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SPE_article_2014Read the article in SPE, Issue 3_1 September 2014:

Arvid Elvsborg, Managing Director IPRES & Lars Rustad, Senior Consultant IPRISK:

“At the SPE Finance Seminar 4th June we presented some highlights from the use of IPRISK to show how a systematic stochastic approach to decision support secure optimised results compared to the more traditional deterministic methods.
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SPE – Annual Financing E&P Companies and Projects on NCS workshop

4th June 2014

SPE Oslo Annual Seminar – sponsored and hosted by PwC and Oslo Børs – will this year focus on the financing of E & P companies and projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

IPRES will be there and Olav Øvreberg will give a presentation under the title ”Upstream Project Values, Farm -in, Farm-Out, data room”.

You can see the presentation here

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FORCE – EOR Process Modeling Workshop

26TH May, Stavanger

The objectives are:

• Increase knowledge and share experiences for EOR process modeling using conventional reservoir simulators
• Disseminate new technologies and ideas from the latest R&D
• Establish EOR professional network across company boarder

IPRES is attending this workshop, and Tor Andersen will give a presentation under the title “General integrated work process for economic evaluation of IOR/EOR projects”.

IPRES Force EOR Presentation – 26th May 2014

NPD seminar – Stavanger 2013

NPD seminar, Decision making under uncertainty, Stavanger 28.Oct.2013

IPRES will give a seminar for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.
Olav Øvreberg, Erlend Glømmen and Sverre Tresselt will be there.

Global Reserves Summit 2012

IQPC-Global Reserves Summit, 29-31Oct. 2012

This year’s Global Reserves Summit focuses on unconventional reserves reporting, thorough in-depth discussions on reserves estimation techniques and best practice on the evaluation and auditing of reserves. Come see our IPRESOURCE Manager, Tor Andersen, give a presentation on Addressing Uncertainty in Reservoir Simulation.

Read the presentation: IQPC 2012 Uncertainty in Res  Sim  – Tor Andersen

AOG Exhibition and Conference 2012

AOG Exhibition and Conference 2012 February 22-24th 2012 in Perth, Australia.

Our Product Manager for IPRISK Well, Sverre Tresselt, will give a presentation at the Australian Oil and Gas Conference.

Integrated Decision Making Models in High Risk Environments: Case studies and what we have learned.

Future oil and gas projects will increasingly focus on more challenging and higher risk opportunities. Accurate assessment of the project risk is critical both for the project and for the company. The presentation will demonstrate not only how relevant risks and uncertainties are factored into decision-making, but also the economic value of being able to do so.

See the presentation here


NAPE Winter Expo 2012

February 23-24th 2012, GRB Convention Center in Houston, Texas

The world’s largest E&P (upstream) expo, NAPE Expo provides a marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of oil and gas prospects and producing properties via exhibit booths. NAPE is the premier E&P networking venue – where one can see what’s going on throughout the entire oil patch.

We will be attending the NAPE Winter Expo, exhibiting together with our cooperation partners Hamilton Group and Aker Solutions. The combination of technologies and skills from Aker Solutions and Hamilton, with the software from IPRES secures a powerful state of the art integrated solution for oil and gas asset development planning.

By using an Integrated Decision Support System, IPRISK Field, and the experienced team from Aker Solutions, Hamilton and IPRES, uncertainty at all levels can be incorporated in the field development project analysis and both planned and unplanned events can be accounted for. In the end, this allows for better and faster decisions and alternative field development plans can be compared.

SPE Workshop 2012

SPE Workshop 2012 February 14-15th 2012 in San Antonio, Texas

This workshop will bring together the Reservoir Engineers and the Facilities Engineers at the front end of project delivery to maximize asset value from a new oil and gas reservoir. Process optimization fitted to reservoir needs plays an increased role in project success when dealing with non-traditional reservoirs or difficult environment.

We are attending SPEs workshop; Bridging the Gap Between Reservoir Engineering and Facilities Design. Come see our IP Suite Manager, Erlend Glømmen, give a presentation under the title; Best Practices on Project Decision Analysis Under Uncertainty for Mature and Green Field Developments.

To read more about the workshop, please visit SPE.

Norwegian Petroleum Society, Bergen

Norwegian Petroleum Society, Solstrandseminar 22-23 September 2011, Bergen

On the 22nd September it is again time for the Solstrand seminar on oil and economics. The seminar has for years been a popular meeting place for economists and analysts in the petroleum industry.

The program is led by key players in the financial- and energy-sector and covers current topics in the industry like trends in the oil and gas markets, the macroeconomic picture, funding and methodology.

This year’s program is divided into “Macro / An industry for the future” “Methodology,” “Gas” and “Market”. It is also set aside time for the mini-theme “Northern Areas”.

IPRES will be present at the event and our IP Suite Manager, Erlend Glømmen, will give a talk:
Risks and real options; Practical application of real options in relation to decision processes and valuation of potential field developments in the oil and gas sector.

Be sure to catch us there.

International Conference on Integrated Operations

The 7th International Conference on Integrated Operations in Trondheim, Norway 13-14 September 2011

Intelligent petroleum fields and integrated operations
IO Science and Practice is the international meeting place that will bring you to the network and give you trends and opportunities for research and business in integrated operations. You will meet the players from oil companies, suppliers, research laboratories and universities around the world. Intelligent petroleum fields and integrated operations are the most significant contributor to the next generation of petroleum field management.

Systems and service suppliers present products and technology related to Integrated Operations in a Exhibition in the Conference mingling area. IPRES is one of the exhibitors in the Integrated Operations category.

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